Character List

May Welland Archer A young socialite, who marries Newland and settles down to a totally conventional life, following the lead of her mother in all areas and representing the societal attitudes of the wealthy social class and time period. Countess Ellen Olenska A granddaughter of Catherine Mingott and a cousin […]

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About The Age of Innocence

Over the years the interpretation and critical reception of The Age of Innocence has changed, keeping step with the attitudes of the times. When the novel first came out, the reading public supported Newland’s decision to go through with his marriage to May. May’s lie about her pregnancy to Ellen […]

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Book Summary

All of old New York is at the ball, gossiping about the Countess. Later, when the family plans a dinner to introduce her to society, no one accepts. Without delay, the Mingott family enlist the help of ancient social sages, Henry and Louisa van der Luyden, to shore up support […]

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